About us

Design Your Home lets you go beyond the usual constraints of new buildings.

Make a home your own

With Design Your Home, you get to make important choices that turn a home into your home. You customise it and personalise it. Make it work for you, your lifestyle, your family and your future.

You get to decide many of the structural features, and have lots of freedom over finishes and fixtures. But you don’t have the hassle of seeking planning permission, and there’s none of the uncertainty over costs and timings.

Places for People

We create places where people love to live

Most importantly, we offer choice. We want people to live where they want to, how they want to, at every stage of life. Which is why we came up with Design Your Home – to give you a real say in the aspects of your home that really matter. All the details that make it truly a place of your own.

With us, you have choices that new home buyers in this country have never had before.