Design your perfect home

Use our simple new configurator to design your perfect home.

Our simple new configurator gives you a real say in the aspects of your home that matter. All the details that make it a place of your own.

You get to make important choices that turn a house into your home. You customise it and personalise it. Make it work for you, your lifestyle, your family and your future.

Decide on the structural features, and have freedom over finishes and fixtures. Do this without the hassle of seeking planning permission. There’s none of the uncertainty over costs and timings.

Based on the plot you’ve chosen, you decide the number of rooms you’ll have, and how they’ll be laid out. Then, with guidance from our sales team, you choose all the things that will make your home distinctively yours.

We help you consider elements such as:

  • A utility room extension
  • A conservatory
  • Bay windows and extra patio doors
  • Converting the loft
  • Eco-friendly features, like solar panels
  • Doors, windows, coving and skirting boards
  • Electrics
  • Kitchen and bathroom fixtures and finishes
  • Garden layouts.

With us, you have choices that new home buyers in this country have never had before.

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