Custom-Build Homes

Your Home, Your Way.


Custom-Build is an alternative option to buying an ‘off the shelf’ new build home. A Custom-Build allows you to make those all-important creative decisions that turn your house into a home, making it work for you, your family, your lifestyle and your future.

How does it work?

1. Choose and reserve your perfect spot

You’ve picked the perfect location, now you get to decide where exactly you want to live on the development. Choose and buy a fully serviced plot from us and we’ll make the arrangements to build your new home.

2. Arrange your Custom-Build mortgage

Finding the best financial option for your Custom-Build can sometimes be more of a challenge than a regular new build mortgage, but our specialist team can help you find the lender that suits you best, providing the money you need to go ahead and build your home.

3. Design your perfect home

Based on the plot you’ve chosen, and with guidance from our team, you specify your design choice that will make your home distinctively yours. Add those finishing touches and we will finalise all the details of your new home to ensure you are completely satisfied.

4. Building begins

The construction process now commences on your home! During this build process we hold design team meetings so that high standards are achieved through our quality inspections.   

5. Move into your new home

Once construction of your home is complete your home is ready to move into. Now you can really start to enjoy living in a home that’s just as you want it.


Available now at Squirrel Wood, Basingstoke 

We have a number of Custom-build plots available at our flagship site in Basingstoke, with plot prices* starting from £120,000. *Construction costs are extra.

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