Type C

3-4 bedroom houses

£399,000 - £425,000

Reserve Plot 52 as a custom-build and get £10K off the base list price.

Configuration options

Download the Type C Plot Passport (PDF)

GFa Base option open plan kitchen to the front 0
GFb Kitchen to rear with dining room/study 2,000
GFc kitchen to rear with centre WC and bedroom/study to front 2,000
GFax Layout a with extension 15,500
GFbx Layout b with extension 15,500
GFcx Layout c with extension 15,500
FFe Base option 2 beds, 1 bed and bathroom 0
FFd Living room, 1 bed, 1 bed/study and shower room 4,500
FFf 2 beds, ensuite and bathroom 4,500
SFg Base 2 beds 1 bath 0
SFh beds, ensuite and bathroom 5,000
SFj 2 beds each with ensuite showers 6,000
SFk Living room, 1 bed and ensuite 1,500

Prices are based on properties being custom build. Prices and options may change for custom choice. Prices are based on base kitchens.

A dotted line represents a reduced head height.